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KLODIER Affiliate Program is simple, free, and profitable.

Promote the unique fashion platform KLODIER.com and its content (products, boutiques, designers, brands and Click & Watch channel) by creating quality, attractive, interesting content that reflects the style of KLODIER and its Partners (boutiques and designers).

Use our visuals, ads, banners, and links (URLs), embed them in the content on your web sites or social networks and get the opportunity to earn a commission every time your followers, readers, and / or viewers make a purchase on KLODIER.com platform.


What can you expact?

  • 60-day cookie window
  • Earn 6% commission for each person you send our way
  • Fast & easy commission payments through Paypal
  • Create your tracking links and track every sale through your own dashboard
  • and much more...
We are growing fast and it is because our customers are spreading the word. Now we want to return the favor to everyone that has helped us. 



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